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December 22, 2004

A new approach to practice

Taoist's are always talking about practice. Is this different from a Christian talking about prayer. The Taoist approach focuses on technique, development and mastery. None of this would appear to make sense if applied to prayer. Enlightened Taoists apply intention and concern themselves with sincerity. This seems closer but is still far from supplication. Taoists name many Gods or none. No single overreaching entity exists. The Tao neither exists nor does not exist. There is clearly nothing to which prayer can be offered.

To what can Taoist practice be appropriately offered. The ego looms large and is impossible to contain. Inappropriate intention erodes and eventually destroys any benefit from practice. How can this be avoided while maintaining spontenaity. Difficult questions but not without answers. But what answers are actually helpful?

10% practice, 90% right action.
So how does one recognize right action.
Find it in practice. Apply it in life.
Without that connection, what meaning can practice have.

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