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February 23, 2005

Where are all the Taoists

I chatted with David Shen (Verdesi) a couple of times in the past week. This fellow is the definition of the wandering taoist. First he was in Indonesia. Then Bangkok. Next was to be China, but events got in the way and now its Korea. All in pursuit of Tao. North American Taoists among you will know David from summer retreat workshops, Tao Garden or from presentations he has made at the NQA. David is well familar to many Europeans as he has taught in most major centers on the continent. He does have a web presence at QigongResearch.org but at present it loads an empty page. Does this represent the wu-chi David? David presently lives and teaches in Istanbul when he is not travelling.

Ron Diana is back home in New Jersey after teaching excursions to Europe and South America. He also hosted Dirk Oellibrandt teaching 4 Dimensional Healing at Walker Valley in the Catskills. This inspiring series of retreats is ongoing. Attendees included the magical healer Gene Dotson from Chapel Hill NC., one of my favorite Taoist extraterrestrials. A regular presenter at the NQA annual retreat Ron is THE Chi Nei Tsang (navel energy massage) practitioner/instructor/master in the eastern US. He is a practicing herbologist among many talents. A longterm student of Taoist Master Dr. Stephen Chang, Ron sells Dr. Changs herbal formulas on TaoHealingArts.com. I have used a couple of these herbs in really threatening situations and I can tell you, they work, they are of the highest quality and we can all benefit from Dr. Changs devotion to his family tradition and the highest traditions of Tao.

Plato is back on the Tao Forum. This may or may not be good news, depending on your sensitivities. He has got Michael Winn going. Michael is well known to Europeans and Americans as well. His annual Tao Mountain Retreat is among the best resources anywhere for authentic Taoist transmission, due in great measure to Michaels extensive contacts among American Taoists. He is the founding president of the NQA and a vocal advocate of (his term) a new American Qigong. He has published numerous Articles on his site HealingDao.com.

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