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November 7, 2006

Great new tool

OK. I splurged. With a ready rationalization, it took little to convince myself that the time was now for a real video camera. High definition is here, so that was the choice. Review surfing definately overloads the input buffers. The biggest benefit of HDV at this moment is that it cuts down on the choices. Otherwise, it's a problem of oversupply. It was the Canon HV10 or the Sony HDR-HC3. One look through the Canon HV10 viewfinder and I went with the Sony! And, I'm (so far) very satisfied. There are issues. My 3 year old Inspiron 5100 chokes on the high definition files (not enough video memory to deit anything. Fortunately, the camera can convert a HDV file to a DV file on the fly during capture. And Studio 10 handles the DV edition just fine for Web development. Serious editing will require a new machine with a top-end video card with massive memory. Apple here I come!.

The early attempts are here.

Not A V-Rod (Jimmy West rides his steed)

Hockey Heros (Kier tells a story)

The Fish Room (Walkthrough shows the 10X zoom to great effect)

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November 6, 2006

Off once more

I've promised myself (and others) that this winter's excursion to asia will be documented daily in this blog.

Daily? Very unlikely, but one should at least aim high. And, armed with a high resolution video camera, (Sony HDR HC3) it will be illustrated as well.

Flight to Bangkok via Bejing is Wednesday, Nov. 9. Until then, it's Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto, visiting old friends and generally winding down slightly from 6 weeks of unending preparation.

And, thanks beaterboys and dozergirls for the great sendoff last Thursday.

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