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June 29, 2007

Taoist Alchemy in Denmark

David Verdesi (Shen) is one of those rare teachers with all the qualifications to truely transmit the Tao. I mean really really rare. As in actually qualified. And not only qualified, but actually teaching. Not often, and not easily accessed, but nevertheless, accessible.

It's week two of a four week series of seminars covering foundation practice and theory in Taoist Alchemy, as transmitted to David by a series of the most advanced masters on the planet. No exaggeration.

If you know Charles Luk, author of one of the original books on Taoist Alchemy Alchemy and Immortality then you have some insight into the material. Travelling to Denmark directly from studies with Taoist Transmitters in China, David delivers the essense and sense of the living Tao. No new age qigong here, this is from the original sources. Detailed, deep and integrated, not for the quick seeker, available to anyone with the committment to practice this path of self-cultivation requires.

Interested? Check out the discussion forum organized by his american students.

Also, in Europe, his Danish Organizer. The requirements are strict and the results are real. David has what no other western teacher has goes where no other western teacher goes. Everyone who knows him agrees

Silkeborg, Denmark

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