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April 27, 2010

Wang Liping, Daoist Dragon Gate Sect Lineage Holder now teaching openly

It was just a little over two years ago when David Verdesi ( also known as David Shen ) brought a small group of his students, 12 in all to Dalian China to spend an incredible 10 days in front of this modern Taoist Wizard. This was a seminal experience for me, and for everyone present. This man is a living master in every sense of the word, not in the degraded sense in which it is so often misused in the West.

David had explained before hand that to fully absorb his teaching already required a foundation of practice beyond most modern people. Conceptualization, impatience and unrealistic expectations are major stumbling blocks. David had been studying with WLP for three full years prior to his inviting this small group of his students to share his experience

The experience was at once uncomfortable ( to be kind, it was actually excruciating ) for reasons explained below, and inspirational in a way difficult to convey in words. One part of the teaching and meditative experience is the master's application of 'ya li' ( my pin yin sucks ) or 'pressure'. No matter what your meditative practice was prior to that experience, you could not be prepared for this.

The practice was more like a military drill than what one might expect sitting in front of a Taoist Master. There was brief theory, some illustration and a few questions translated by the translator ( possibly the local communist cadre keeping an eye on things ), and then - into quiet sitting, following orders. Simple obedience is a big thing, and absolutely motionless sitting for 45-50 minutes a strict requirement. And, after a few minutes of 'settling', the pain begins. The Master's pressure has the immediate effect of pushing the chi down into the legs, and if they are not already numb, numbness is the best you can hope for. The sensation is definitely of pressure, like the sky pushing down on some inner part of you. With a brief warning he would 'turn up the pressure', small increments at a time until it was a second by second experience to stand against it. No way to fall into inattention or drowsiness, but a continuous act of will not to 'break'. In the closing minutes, again with a spoken warning, and the end in sight, again he would up the pressure, creating a sensation for me like my legs were about to explode, the meridians splattered over my companions in the room. And then, the awaited words 'practice over', and instantly the pressure would disappear as if it was a simply imagination. The most amazing thing of all. In 30 seconds, you were longing for that something, caring torture from the Master, to return.

A few weeks later I was able to experience the true force of this field effect myself. I was staying a nearby apartment building 500 meters or so from where WLP and David were having a private session. I knew of the timing of these sessions and usually took that time to do some quiet sitting myself. On several occasions I was also subjected to the 'pressure' even at that distance. I could accurately report to David whether the session had involved sitting and the application of this field, including an estimate of the amount of force applied. I expect the intensity of the force was significantly greater for David's benefit, perhaps making it easier for me to detect.

I'm writing publicly about this now (April 2010) only because recently, WLP's students in the US (Atlanta Georgia) have published a web site, http://www.laoziacademy.us/ complete with registration for upcoming workshops with WLP ( register online for $3700 US) and incredibly, pictures, and where, well, on Facebook.


This is the man himself, demonstrating tree practice since it's daytime. The practice itself is generally done at night, when the trees are exhaling, not inhaling.

There are also websites, blogs with public and student comments and instruction and inspirational teaching from his senior students, YouTube Videos and all the modern social media wonders.

Fabulous, really fabulous.


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