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May 11, 2010

Wang Liping Teaching Openly - Why is this important?

Daoism (Taoism) and the transmission of Daoist practice has been shrouded in secrecy throughout it's 2500 year history. The classics record that the Dao is not hidden from humanity, but that humanity has hidden itself from the Dao. Conceptual thinking and study are not the Way, nor the way to reach the Dao. Only by dropping ideas about the Dao can one reach it.

Upon meeting Wang Liping, doubts about the veracity of the teachings and the living nature of the Dao fall away. Effortlessly, without displaying power, this man transmits the core teachings. Questions are answered without being asked. Realization comes without searching. How could it be clearer?

He knows you and you know it. Not the you of street and family, but the you of yourself. The hidden, invisible you you hide from the world. Nothing is invisible to one who's eyes are open.

So it's important because it is a change in protocol. A change in the manifestation of the Dao? This has not been seen before. Certainly there have been supposed masters who have tried to reveal the Dao and it's secrets in the past 2 centuries. There are the qigong masters who manipulate chi for their own profit. Some may actually help medically and perhaps even with longevity techniques but most care ( or know ) little about the real effects of what they do an teach. This is something entirely different.

Significantly more difficult of approach since it involves 'not doing', something enormously more difficult that learning a minor technique of qi adjustment or tuning or mere manipulation.

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