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June 21, 2010

The Half Right Angle Rule challenges Astronomy and Astrophysics

Roger Elliott and his Half Right Angle Rule ( 1/2 right angle rule ) do indeed offer a significant challenge to modern explanation.

The first difficulty is that the figures he has used for the motions of the planetary bodies are not in dispute. These are widely accepted and relatively easily confirmed numbers.

The second difficulty is that more exact figures are extremely unlikely to upset the basic calculations.

The third difficulty is that there is no known mechanism through which the synchronization could be maintained. The fact that all measured bodies are synchronized means there must be such a mechanism, otherwise gravitational tidal forces would soon cause de-synchronization. It is difficult if not impossible to imagine such a synchronizing principle. ie, even f they were originally synchronized, or became synchronized through a known process of interaction, what for could maintain such a state over time?

The fourth difficulty is that even if a mechanism existed capable of maintaining the rotational period ( or altering it if required ) what possible communication mechanism can be imagined that would account for synchronization.

Posted by james at June 21, 2010 10:19 AM


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