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Master Luo, Kang Qi (Luo Tzu) has generously offered to make himself available to provide Qigong Treatments and Feng Shui consultations in Canada during February and March 2003. Upon returning from China, he will make a two day stop in Toronto before continuing on to arrive in Charlottetown on February 21 2003. He will be available on an appointment only basis until returning to Thailand in mid March.

This is a not-to-be missed opportunity to meet and experience the energy of a truly empowered qigong Master. His energy and healing ability is the stuff of legends. He combines 20 years of experience as an accupunturist in mainsream chinese medicine, a level of qigong development seldom seen outside the inner circles of qigong masters in China and a spiritual heritage linked directly to the ancient sages of China.

To book an appointment for either qigong treatment or feng shui consultation, please email james@the-tao.com