Fusion of the Five Elements
Transforming Negative Emotion

Fusion I uses the symbol of the pakua (Eight Sided Figure) to call forth and connect with the five energies and eight forces of nature for protection, to enhance one's energy and to focus intention. The pakuas are energetic figures controlled by the mind to guide energy. In this practice of internal alchemy, the student also learns to transform the negative emotions of worry, sadness, cruelty, anger, and fear into pure energy. This process is accomplished by identifying the source of the negative emotions within the five organs of the body. After the excessive energy of the emotions is released from the organs, a state of psychophysical balance is restored to the body. Freed of negative emotions, the pure energy of the five organs is crystallized into a radiant pearl or crystal ball. The pearl is then circulated in the body and attracts energy from external sources - Heavenly Energy, Cosmic Particle Energy, and Earth Energy. The pearl plays a central role in the development and nourishment of the soul or energy body. The energy body is then nourished with the pure (virtue) energy of the five organs.

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