Tao Yoga (Tao Yin)
Connecting with the Abdominal Center

Tao Yin lying and sitting positions for exercise contain a set of postures, breathing exercises, and meditation that are designed to move the excess heat out of the body. They stretch, detoxify and revitalize the muscles and the tendons. While in the relaxation period after the active phase of movement and stretching, we guide the Chi with the breath to that particular part of the body affected by the exercise. This yin phase of the practice expels the heat and opens the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints that are emphasized in the postures.

In general, the combination of active and passive phases of the practice conditions the spine, tendons, ligaments, muscles and diaphragm - and in ways that cannot be achieved in standing and moving positions. A balanced session of practice opens chi flow throughout all the meridians, removes toxins and tension throughout the body and engenders a deep sense of relaxed peace and calm - yet wonderfully energized at the same time.

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