Healing Love
Seminal and Ovarian Kung Fu
Realizing your Creative Potential

The pillars of Healing Love are cultivating, conserving, transforming and circulating sexual energy. Doing so enables us to use this energy (Ching Chi) for healing and nourishing our body and mind. It is also necessary for our spiritual development in the higher practices of the Taoist internal alchemy. Although the principle of conservation applies to both men and women, the actual practice of conserving Ching Chi differs. The main way men lose Ching Chi is through ejaculation. Women, by contrast, lose little sexual energy through orgasm, but instead lose it primarily through menstruation and childbearing.

In studying the nature of sex, Taoist masters found a way to control and use sexual energy without celibacy through the practice of Testicle and Ovarian Breathing, Breast Massage, Power Lock and the Orgasmic Upward Draw. Men and women learn to have a total body orgasm without indiscriminate loss of Ching Chi (vital energy). The conservation and transformation of the sexual energy acts as a revitalizing factor in the physical, mental and spiritual development of both women and men. Cultivating, conserving, redirecting and circulation of the generative force from the sexual organs to higher centers of the body invigorates and rejuvenates all the vital functions and activates the higher forces. Mastering these practices produces a deep sense of respect for all forms of life.

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