Chi Kung Therapy
Personalized Energy Practice

Chi Kung or "Energy Practice" is and has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years and yet is still one of the least understood and least approachable of Taoist healing modalities. Because it is largely self-administered, some degree of self diagnosis would seem necessary, and has generally been encouraged by traditional practitioners. This is part of a deep appreciation within Taoism for self responsibility and self-government. To the beginning or developing practitioner, often building their practice alone, with little cultural or peer support, this approach can be made more productive with occassional personal assessement and instruction, much in keeping with traditional practice.

The process of Chi Kung therapy is designed to do this. In one-on-one sessions with an instructor, the student can advance at his/her own rate, with individual needs met quickly and directly as they arise. As detoxification proceeds, shifts in personal energy and disposition do happen. Re-balancing of inner states requires experience and self-confidence, both of which are built within the Chi Kung therapy sesion. Hidden blockages that may become uncovered can usually be addressed with simple specific practices. A particular emphasis in practice, a need for which may be obvious to a trained observer can save weeks or months of time that the student might otherwise spend reaching a similar understanding.

Of key importance in understanding the practice of Chi Kung in self-healing and self-cultivation is that the environment itself is constantly changing. The practice reaches a new level and what was difficult before becomes easy and what was important may be left behind or discarded. Because it is inner states that are being refined, the very ground of understanding is being developed. Access to a trained instructor will greatly ease the process of navigating through these transition points.

A Session in Detail

A typical session begins with a personal energy assessement. This may take a question and answer form. It may also be that there is an observed need for a particular energetic approach, which could take up the whole session. In fact there can be no set format, the session being driven by the specific needs of the individual at that time. The formal Healing Tao practices form the basis for the instruction. Additional Chi Kung or related energy practices are introduced as required and appropriate. A variety of Chi Kung practices, developed to address specific energy requirements are available. The simple process of practicing with an experienced practitioner brings the student in contact with the energetic state, greatly aiding in its cultivation in their home setting. Advice regarding the appropriate mix of practices relating to the seasons, the students own specific energy from birth, family, culture, environment etc. can help in the understanding and development of a Chi Kung practice.

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